mint neko inspired bow for ali, since MINT doesn’t really make bows~

(added a crown as shown in the last pic)

(i already put these on my ameba ww)

*adding that the design was hand drawn by me and then drawn on the fabric with sharpie.  i tried to not make it exactly like sasabuchi for copyright reasons.

3月 18th 2013 with 12 リアクション

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    shhh no don’t cry nooo ( ੱ o ੱ ) i’m just sharing the cute things shh it’s fine (๑´ڡ`ٌ) oooooooHHH MORE BOWS KHGJDHGSFDS...
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  6. kamikazekumiのコメント: VERY CUTE! But Mint does make bows now xD Some on hair elastics, some clip in… There’s more in there too. ^^
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    I…… I want to cry this is so lovely and perfect and I don’t feel important enough to be receiving it. i can’t even...
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